Boston Dynamics’ robot family

There’s been a lot of very cool things coming out of Boston Dynamics the last couple of years (with funding from DARPA), with the following being their latest.  A robot which is able to climb over boxes, and “scoot” over narrow passages with the help of very real looking legs, and terrifyingly skinny arms.   

(Pet-proto via jwz)

If that doesn’t scare you, below is the latest from their “Big Dog” project, which now seems to be able to follow commands, and also move around un-tethered from power and hydraulics.  

An example of Big Dog following instructions and navigating difficult terrain:

An example of Big Dog with some impressive balancing features, e.g. someone “kicking” Big Dog while moving, and Big Dog being able to re-balance itself and continue on

P.s. DARPA is a US agency, devoted to building new technologies for the military

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