So the origin of the name Viaduct Harbour comes from “Viaduct Basin”, and the origin of that is a bit odd, but straightforward.

In the early 1900s, as ships were getting much larger, the Auckland Harbour Board had to accommodate these larger ships, traditionally by dredging deeper channels and building bigger wharves. Instead they tried the idea of instead having the large ships moor in the harbour, and have them unload on to smaller tender ships, which then took the goods to/from specially built wharves. This was a failure, primarily because the cargo companies refused to cooperate.

So where does viaduct come in? This special wharf area was called the Viaduct Lighter Basin. A viaduct is a bridge across land. This approach was like a bridge for ships cargo across water.. Sort of.

Yeah, ok, it’s a bit odd. But that’s the reason.

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Lauren Archer

X’s are everywhere in user interface (UI) design. A powerful symbol, [x] is capable of closing windows and popups, toolbars and tabs and anything else that might otherwise be cluttering up your screen.

Clicking on [x] to close a feature has become an instinctual part of using a computer and a standard in web and software design. Although it may seem like the ubiquitous [x] has always been a part of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), a quick jaunt through the history of GUIs reveals that this actually isn’t the case.

So where and when did the [x] first enter into the UI lexicon?

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Great idea, which combines AR, gesture based operations, and mobile phone OSes all into one, and all with existing technology too!  

Not sure about it being safe, on account of it being the same tech that pilots use, but great to see a non-proprietary solution for something which is definitely becoming a trend in tech.

Lauren Watson & Anthony Agius:

In light of these realities, it pains us to say that One More Thing won’t happen again in the near future. Putting on a conference like One More Thing is draining, not only financially, but heavily emotionally taxing. We just aren’t in the right frame of mind to put on an event we feel would reflect what the community deserves.

Some very sad news for One More Thing, as it was not only one of the better conferences I attended but also the first conference I went to when I first starting developing for iOS.  

All is not lost though as both Anthony and Lauren have just put up all their past videos online to view.  

      Patching the Newton

Landon Dyer

It wasn’t clear in my head yet. This half-baked crazy idea was zooming around upstairs, trying to get out. I went to the whiteboard and started drawing boxes. Whenever an idea is trying to escape, start by drawing boxes and arrows — it’s great bait. The little critters can’t resist a whiteboard with unfulfilled boxes and arrows.

A great discussion about pi, the Simpsons, and living in a decimal world when you only have 8 fingers.